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About landscaping, playground and recreation space - what will be the courtyard in house No. 5

  • calender 18.02.2021

Each house in RYBALSKY is special. It has its own architectural form, facade color, infrastructure. Despite this, our neighborhoods have a lot in common. For example, an approach to landscaping a courtyard. We have designed a cozy courtyard for residents in all quarters.

Earlier we talked about landscaping the courtyard in house number 9, zoning its space, landscaping and outdoor furniture. Today we want to acquaint you with the concept of the project for the house number 5.

The main feature of this house is the combination of housing and the RYBALSKY Family Port educational complex. This was the challenge for the authors of the yard improvement project - the Kotsiuba landscape architecture studio. The task of the designers was to distribute the space into a play area and a recreation area, as well as to separate the courtyard of the residential part from the courtyard of the educational complex and preserve the overall concept.

To delimit the space and at the same time add greenery to the courtyard, the designers used tall flower beds with dense plantings of bushes and multi-stem trees (trees with several trunks). Wooden benches with backs will be installed in line with plantings. Here, residents can relax and watch their children play.

In order for residents to relax and feel like they are in nature, there is a lot of greenery in the courtyard, decoration and outdoor furniture are made of natural materials: wood, concrete, metal, stone.

The playground will have a slide, a disc-shaped swing and a swing with a large wicker seat, on which you can not only sit, but also lie. Large stones and tree branches will be placed on the playground for children to climb or sit on.

A recreation space will be organized next to the site. In the studio project, this is a "quiet zone" with maples and a terrace. Here residents can read in the shade of trees, drink coffee and listen to birdsong.

Also in the yard there are wooden pergolas with a mechanical rain canopy. Tables and benches will be placed under them to make conversations with neighbors even more comfortable. In summer, the frame of the pergolas will be braided with climbing plants, so this area will also become a location for photos.

Paving slabs will be laid in the pedestrian zone. Along the house, a hedge will be planted from the bushes of white turf, cereal grasses, viburnum bladder, astilbe, geranium, pachisander, dream and periwinkle.

Only residents of the house will have access to the courtyard, so no outsider will be able to enter without a special access card.

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