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5 reasons to choose real estate for business in RYBALSKY

5 reasons to choose real estate for business in RYBALSKY
  • calender 16.07.2018

The RYBALSKY is a convenient location for a commercial real estate. Due to a favourable location, its territory has all resources to transform into a new European neighbourhood of the capital – multifunctional, dynamic and open one for all Kyivites.

For you to choose premises in the RYBALSKY yet today, we have prepared a list of major advantageous of our residential neighbourhood.


  1. Advantageous location

The Rybalsky peninsula as a place for commercial activity has the primary advantageous – a convenient location in a historic part of Kyiv, between Podil and Obolon districts. Those to be working in the RYBALSKY will need only 5 minutes to get to Poshtova and Kontraktova squares, 10 minutes – to Andriivskyi descent, 12 minutes – to Khreshchatyk Street. If you are looking for a premises and consider the central part of the city, the RYBALSKY will be an appropriate option. There will not be any high-density development and problems with constantly absent parking spaces.

Moreover, the RYBALSKY is surrounded by cultural sites, and the residential neighbourhood will have an access to the Dniper. We will equip the space near water and build the channel with a possibility for waterborne transport to enter it.


  1. Zoning of territories

While forming a neighbourhood infrastructure, we are adhering to the following principles:

  • multi-functionality of building blocks – good combination of working places, offices and dwellings;
  • mutually beneficial location of commercial objects for investors, companies’ employees, residents and guests of the neighbourhood;
  • attraction of only popular and highly-demanded formats of objects.

Due to an accurate zoning of the territory, the infrastructure of the residential neighbourhood will not be chaotic. Commercial space will be divided in accordance with those criteria, which form comfortable living:

  • shopping place,
  • recreation place,
  • service objects,
  • healthcare establishments,
  • educational institutions,
  • offices.


  1. Commercial-ready facilities

We approach individually each segment of business and create appropriate options for investments profits. We have foreseen the ground floors for commercial real estate, and the technique of each premise meets the initial concept.


Restaurants and cafés. Each restaurateur dreams about a restaurant at the bank of the Dniper. In the RYBALSKY your dream may come true. This is a perfect place for a concept establishment with a picturesque terrace and a direct access to water. Understanding the level of demand for such establishments alongside the channel of 300 m length, we have designed an entire street for restaurants. This is over 25 establishments with total floor area of 9,200 m², for which we have foreseen necessary utilities and taken into consideration amount of energy consumption.  

Each restaurant has a possibility to discharge goods from a car park. At any time during working days, an establishment will be provided with the major products, without any disturbance to residents and guests of the neighbourhood.

Pedestrian boulevard for shopping. To locate retail premises, we offer the best location – a pedestrian boulevard with length of 300 m. This space with total floor area of 2,500 m² is for over 20 shops. Each premises we will equipped with a big façade shop-window, a place for a sign and a separate barrier-free entrance are envisaged. According to statistics, a barrier-free entrance to the shop increases the number of buyers by 10-12%.

Offices. We offer offices both for small and big companies. The territory of the RYBALSKY is a perfect place for law companies, IT-companies, creative workshops, design studios. Spacious and light-filled offices may be located on the ground and the first floors of the building, and have a separate entrance, that allows for companies to operate under their work schedule and at the same time do not to disturb residents.

Office employees and their guests may leave their cars on the car park. We are implementing the Parksharing system, which solves a problem of parking space in Europe.

The developed infrastructure is a separate advantage of the RYBALSKY. It is comfortably to work if there are restaurants, cafés, shops, pharmacies, banks located close at hand.

School and kindergarten. When choosing an apartment, its prospect dweller pays his/her attention to the neighbourhood infrastructure – whether a school or a kindergarten is nearby. That is why investors of the RYBALSKY have got a possibility to stay close to their target audience.

For children and their parents, we implement a Family Port project of the RYBALSKY – an educational complex, for which premises of various floor spaces are envisaged. We are equipping a space for a school, a family co-working, a play club, sport classes, etc.

Healthcare cluster. The infrastructure of the neighbourhood shall start form a care for residents’ health and beauty. That is why we provide a space for a private family healthcare centres, dentists, private healthcare centres, pharmacies, beauty salons, SPAs and wellness centres.


  1. Demand among residents and guests of the neighbourhood

Taking into consideration a number of the RYBALSKY residents, which already in the first two buildings will amount up to 2,000 residents, companies will be in great demand. Due to the fact, that the neighbourhood territories will be open for all Kyivites, investors may build upon a quick return of investments and high revenue from their leasing activity.


  1. Assistance of the management company

The owners and tenants of commercial real estate may pay bills and utility services, and book necessary services through the SFERA mobile application. The managing company ATMOSFERA monitors quality and immediacy of requests execution. Booking of cleaning services, an electrician, ordering for flowers or booking a taxi – a service-manager of the managing company will take care for all these things.


For more detailed information on purchase and lease of the commercial real estate, please address the Sales Department at: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Doroha or call telephone number (044) 299-59-03.

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